Metal Shingled Roofs 

(with wooden strapping underneath)

You know that Metal Shingled Roofs are very "special" when they receive a page of their own.  These roofs are "bat magnets".   We have spent years developing a "Critical Issue" report, related to these roofs.  These roofs are virtually impossible to bat proof BUT if you have one of these roofs, this report will show you how to prevent the bats from entering your attic.  We do not name manufacturers in this report because we do not know if the issues presented, are indicative of all metal shingled products.  However, there are key things in this report that you should investigate and have fixed, by the manufacturer, if they apply to your roof.  We had one Customer take some of these pictures to the manufacturer and they agreed to fix the Customers roof.  

If I owned a house and was thinking about a new roof, I would have a certified installer, install Architectural Fiberglass shingles.  With snow & ice underlay, some companies can offer a 25 year gaurantee (product & labour covered) OR lifetime, if this warranty is purchased.  Our installer of choice would be Wilkens Roofing - Hanover, Ontario.

Critical Issue Report

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When we receive the email, from Paypal, that you have paid for a copy of this report, we will send it to you via email.  Our experience has been that a purchasers email address comes to us via Paypal.  If you don't see the report within 1 week, please reach out to us at

Case Study

Bats had accessed the cavity between the original roof and the metal shingled roof.  They then entered the cathedral ceiling and defecated for years in the ceiling area.  Bat guano (feces) started to fall from the ceiling and into the living space.  The customer had 2 options, in order for us to clean out the guano and soiled insulation;

1 - Tear down the cathedral ceiling, from the inside.

2 - Remove the metal shingled roof, strapping, asphalt shingles and some sections of plywood.

The customer choose option 2 and when the roof was put back together, they choose to go with an Architectural Fiberglass Shingle  (they paid for a lifetime warranty - yes its possible).

Price Tag = greater then $22,ooo

Order your copy of the Critical Issue Report and save yourself thousands of dollars