At, we are celebrating our 20th year in business.  As the old saying goes, "time flies when your a bat" (or something like that).  We have been humanely evicting bats since 2000, in the Huron-Grey-Bruce-Perth area of Ontario Canada.  Our home base is located in Hanover, Ontario, Canada (Contact).  Bats are our specialty and our customers greatly appreciate the fact that our focus is "Just Bats".


Bat Removal & Bat Proofing Services 

If you are experiencing bats in walls or attics and accumulations of guano (poop), we are here to help. After assessing the bat issues, we will provide you with a written quote and upon approval, we will commence work.

The Thermoplastic Sealant we use, is one of the best on the market. Due to this, along with our attention to detail and quality workmanship, offers a 10 year Guarantee, on No Re-Entry of bats.

Homes & Cottages



Churches & Commercial


Guano (feces) removal


Watch Video of Bats in Church by Clicking here  

Contact us by calling 519-506-BATS (2287) or e-mail 

Customer Testimony

My wife and I had Allan attend our chalet last year to remove a serious bat infestation that was causing us a great deal of worry because they were inaccessible, between aluminum siding and an original cedar siding. The bats were not in a loft or attic, but the smell of their droppings filled the upstairs rooms. Allan, investigated, assessed the problem and gave us a quote. He guaranteed his work..... We are not full time residents ,but need not have been worried. He did his work in our absence, came back on a weekend we were there to make sure we understood what he had done and would do. He has remained in contact to make sure the bats have not, or will not reappear. His knowledge about, and humane concern and respect for bats is an added bonus. He is genuinely concerned that we are happy with the outcome. We cannot recommend him highly enough.  

Cheers, Hugh Wesley