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Allan Kempert - founder & owner, with Big Brown bat (Eptesicus fuscus)


2000 - Built family home in the vacinity of a 21 acre wetland area.  Erected bat houses as we understood that bats could eat in excess of 1,200 insects per hour.  Thus began my admiration and study of bats.

2001 -  Began constructing "natural cedar" bat houses with a chain saw.  Featured in local newspaper.  The houses were in demand but so was the demand to assist people with getting the bats out of their attics.  Customers asked if I could take on bat evictions and thus started the next leg of the journey.  Our bat houses are no longer constructed with a chainsaw and are now made to Bat Conservation International standards by more traditional methods (Bat House Page) .

2002 to 2008 - Bat removal portion of the business continued to grow as well as showing Do It Yourselfers how to perform a Bat Removal/Proofing on their own residence.

2009 - 1st edition of the DIY guide released (D-I-Y page).   Sold directly to customers and placed in 3 Home Hardware stores (Sauble Beach, Hanover and Walkerton).   

  2010 - 2nd edition of the DIY guide released to 64 Home Hardware stores.

2011 - Began development of bat presentation which is offered to horticultural groups, scouts, schools, museums etc.

2012 - Started working with Ministry of Natural Resources to monitor and count bat populations.

2012 - 1st bat removal and bat proofing of a Church.  Also, purchased bat guano extractor in order to remove over 700 pounds of guano from attic of Church. 

(Agricultural page) .

2013 to 2020 - Continuing to provide Humane Bat Removal services in Huron-Grey-Bruce.