Canadian Rustic Rail

What do bat control specialists do when the bats are hibernating?  Well, in the case of one employee (Nick), he salvages historic railway items from abandoned railway lines. The majority of the items are from Grey-Bruce-Owen Sound. At one time, CPR and CNR used to run through the area. The treasures, collected, undergo multiple steps which may include, cleaning, cutting, drilling, forming and are treated with a rust inhibitor. Each item is a one of a kind treasure with lots of pits, blemishes and patina.  These items are a great addition to timber frame homes, steampunk decor or whatever you can dream up. 

Contact Nick, at, if you would like to purchase any of the following antique railway treasures.  

CRR#1 Railway Spikes (for coat rack etc)                   $10 each plus shipping

The railway spikes are from Hanover Ontario and were used on CNR and/or CPR. Your choice of bolt (1 1/2") or hanger bolt (1 1/2" or 2"). 


       CRR#2 Railway spikes bent on 90 degrees         (for coat rack etc) - $12 each plus shipping  

The railway spikes are from Hanover and were used on CNR and/or CPR. The spikes come with two 1 1/2 inch wood screws.     

          CRR#3 Railway spikes with flange                (for coat rack etc) - $20 each plus shipping 

The railway spikes are from Hanover are were used on CNR and/or CPR. Your choice of bolt (1 1/2") or hanger bolt (1 1/2" or 2"). 

CRR#4 Narrow Gauge Rail (for book ends/door stop etc) - $30 each plus shipping

This narrow gauge rail is from Hanover. This rail is believed to have been used on a line that brought marl, from the marl beds, to Portland Cement Co., in Hanover.  With or with out a non-slip mat.  If using as book end or door stop, on a wood floor, the non-slip mat is recommend.  This is the only piece available, with the original hole, for joining track together with a joiner (fishplate).

CRR#5 CNR 1925 Tie plate with Rail Spikes (for book ends/door stop etc) $150 plus shipping

Tie plate came from out side of Hanover.  Spikes are welded in place and includes non-slip base.

Distinctive Markings - CNR Z1925 - Pat 6-3-13. 2-12-19, Lundic.  There is also a grove in the plate from the railway line.