Grey Bruce Leaf Guard

You know the old saying, "if I had a nickel for every time I was asked that, I would be a rich man".  In my case, the question is, "what do you do when the bats are hibernating".

Well, my son and I do whatever the good Lord wants of us.  

As far as work goes, we do the following;

Grey Bruce Leaf Guard

When the bat season slows down, we turn our attention to all the clogged eavestroughs we experienced while bat proofing homes.  Here is what we have to offer;

> Leaf/Gutter Guard installation

> PRODUCT USED - Alu-Rex (made in Canada)


**note - most homes can be completed for $7.00 per foot - material, cleaning of eaves, unplugging downspouts and installation included. So, grab a tape measure or step out the length of your eavestroughs and, PRESTO, you have an idea of the cost.  

Alu-Rex - Click to Watch a Video about this awesome product

Standard Alu-Rex on left and "stepped" Alu-Rex for eavestroughs with "screw-on hangers".