Thank you for considering for your Bat Issues.  Prior to starting, I worked in Quality for 25 years. Sometimes I think that my attention to detail will drive me around the bend but in the end, this attention to detail helps you.  This attention to detail quite often eliminates or reduces other issues such as cluster flies and mice (although your guarantee will only be for no re-entry of bats :^)  )

Blessings,  Allan Kempert <><

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING, BEFORE REACHING OUT TO ME - I humbly submit, that after bat proofing structures for over 16 years, I can provide a quote simply by looking at the structure, via pictures that I'm sent. On that note, could you please send pictures from each side of the structure. Almost every home I have quoted, over the years, has the same issues (gaps where brick meets the soffit, where eave starter meets fascia, where soffit meets chimney, soffits which aren't wide enough, roof vent issues, etc, etc, etc). The bats may appear to be getting in one or two spots, but if we evict the bats from these areas and don't bat proof the rest of the house, the bats will return and take up roosting in a new area of your structure.

I'm currently not quoting work that involves strapped roofs, with a metal shingle applied (e.g. hy-grade) as well as log cabins.

I'm currently focusing on quoting work in an area roughly from Amberly to Sauble Beach, over to Owen Sound and down to Listowel. Please still send pictures if you are outside this area and I may be able to direct you to a competent animal control company.

Email is the preferred method of communication;

Email -

Address - Hanover, Ontario, Canada