Bat Houses

We have sold many different styles and sizes of bat houses over the years.  We have had great success with "bat occupancy" of our Condo Bat House.  Therefore, we have standardized at what we believe to be the best style/size and value for the dollar....and besides, its bat approved.

The Condo Bat House

4 Chambers

Occupancy - can hold up to 600 bats (we have seen anywhere from 20 to 300 bats using this particular bat house)

Measures - 40" height 16.5" width 5" depth

Cedar sides and top - Exterior grade plywood front, back and interior panels

All panels etched for bats to grab onto

Glued and nailed

Cost UNPAINTED $159.29 + $20.71 = $180.00 cdn

Cost PAINTED $175.22 + $22.78 = $198.00 cdn